Public Relations

Control the narrative about your brand with traditional PR and reputation management strategies

At our office in Raleigh, our public relations staff understand what editors and writers are seeking in the news they choose to cover, and we use this expertise to help our clients position and pitch their stories. We frequently manage public relations initiatives that target industry trade press, as well as local and national mainstream media outlets.

In recent years, Group3 has leveraged its traditional PR experience to help clients reach new influencers, including bloggers and social media personalities with large followings. We also help companies and organizations establish and safeguard their reputations by leveraging the power of online reviews and rating sites.

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Media Relations

Press releases and article placement to earn valuable editorial coverage

Influencer Outreach

Utilize social media influencers and bloggers with large followings to get your message out

Reputation Management

Leverage online reviews and ratings – the new word-of-mouth that brings referrals in the door
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