Success Through Qualitative Market Research

As a full-service marketing agency, Group3 helps our clients with marketing strategy, and oftentimes that starts with qualitative research. What do your customer or constituents know about your organization? How is your brand perceived in the market? What steps should you take to achieve your next phase of growth? These are questions that can be answered with well-designed qualitative research implemented by experienced market research firms.

Group3 Communications designs research studies, conducts qualitative surveys and interviews, analyzes data and provides valuable insights to help guide business and marketing decisions. That’s exactly what we did for the Psychoanalytic Center of the Carolinas, a membership organization and training institute in the mental health sector.

Armed with a list of student names – current and graduates – our research team created a study to address our client’s goals, then we began reaching out. We conducted 30-minute phone interviews with a sampling of students and coded the responses for trend analysis. Once all data was collected and coded, our team utilized IBM SPSS software to determine which responses held significance, and we then prepared the final evaluation.

market research firms - sample pages from a market research report for the PCC

The deliverable was a detailed report presented to the organization’s board to fuel necessary discussions about opportunities, weaknesses and future direction. Due to our ongoing professional relationship with this client, we were able to keep the organization’s branding, mission and historical issues at the heart of the research.

Our capability in this area is just one of the reasons that, when hiring a market research firm, you should consider working with a full-service marketing agency that can take a longer view of your situation, historically and well into the future. Contact us to learn more.