Media Training to Hone Your Message

Did you know that Group3 can help your top executives be more confident and effective when doing media interviews and giving speeches? Having a comfortable, prepared spokesperson to handle media inquiries and speak on behalf of your company is critical to ensuring your message gets delivered succinctly and accurately. Professional media training is an important part of your public relations effort and your leadership development program.

Our process often centers around an upcoming keynote address or media interview, like the one featuring John Fox, President and CEO of the tech startup merQbiz, who appeared on Worldwide Business airing on Bloomberg International and Fox Business Network.

media training - behind the scenes on tv set

Group3’s PR team helped prepare key messages and talking points, introduced speech and movement exercises to help get rid of the jitters, conducted mock media interviews with Mr. Fox, and videotaped and critiqued the interview delivery. We also offered insights on how to develop a comfortable rapport with reporters and how to avoid pitfalls when talking to the press.

Our experienced PR trainer can provide a two-hour, half-day or multi-day training session to get your CEO or other executive ready for the big event – and leave them with long-lasting skills to use in the future. Speaker coaching and media training can transform a tentative speaker into a powerful spokesperson. Contact us to learn more and schedule a session.