Getting to the Root

Horticultural Asset Management was a start-up company with a deep knowledge of trees and shrubs, an extensive horticultural database, and a robust data collection and reporting software for valuating plants – but only a vague idea of how to turn these assets into a product line to create a completely new class of insurance.

Group3 led the strategic dialogue that enabled the company to select the most feasible path to market. Furthermore, we developed the framework and naming convention for HMI to productize its offerings. The tagline “Protecting green assets is the root of our business” cut to the core of what the company offers its insurance industry clients.

Our team then developed a variety of marketing materials to support and communicate the brand image. Paraphrasing HMI’s COO, the company’s brand is working, not just because they like it and it looks good. It has now been market tested and has proven successful in conveying a complex concept.