An Online Training Experience

As an ecommerce web design agency, Group3 developed a plan to overhaul both front-end visuals and back-end functionality for

Zion Health dedicates itself, not only to improving lives, but to training others to do the same. Offering classroom medical training and continuing education for healthcare providers, Zion was seeking to add online training to provide easy access for students to learn at their own pace and from anywhere across the state of Maryland. While Zion helps its students transform their careers, Group3 was tasked with transforming Zion Health’s business model and digital presence.

Our team prioritized the use of the right tools to build both a learning platform and an ecommerce solution. In our process, we determined that a custom-tailored integration of Learn Dash as the learning management system (LMS) and the popular ecommerce software WooCommerce would be the most effective and cost-efficient approach for our client.

website before and after photos - ecommerce web design agency

The outcome was a dramatically amplified website for Zion Health, transitioning its simple etsy-style shop to a robust user experience with a well-crafted course catalog and learning delivery system. Students can now enroll in courses, make payment online, receive training and complete courses in real time, and download their certificates of completion as soon as they have passed the course requirements.

Group3’s treatment of Zion’s site and marketing materials has had an tangible impact on the company’s bottom line. In less than a year, Zion Health saw a full return on investment and has enjoyed a new revenue stream ever since. It is reaching more people than ever with its mission, and our agency is proud to be able to aid our client on their journey.

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