Digital Diversification

Celebrating 110 years in business, the family-owned furniture store Whitley Furniture Galleries knows quality home furnishings. They were looking to update and expand their digital presence when they heard about Group3. Whitley needed insightful digital media placement and engaging content marketing to grow brand awareness, encourage web traffic and conversions, and drive customers to the retail store.

Group3 has been supporting this high-end retailer with email marketing, organic and paid social media, blog posts and PPC advertising as well as other marketing strategies. In just the first six months, Group3 was able to increase paid digital media traffic to Whitley Furniture’s website from Google by 138%, organic social media traffic by 324% and email marketing traffic by 236%.

Group3 strategically utilizes Google Ads that have increased goal conversion rate from these ads by 201% while the cost per click has decreased 87%. All this while working with a budget that is less than what the retailer was previously spending for Google Ads! We did this by utilizing more targeted display ads, better audience segmentation and diversifying the media buy with both paid social media ads and Google advertising.


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