Attends Healthcare Products


When Group3 began working with Attends Healthcare, this consumer products manufacturer had reached a point where its brand had eroded. Having created the adult incontinence category more than 30 years ago as part of Proctor & Gamble, Attends no longer had a clear, consistent message that employees and management could articulate.

Group3 facilitated strategic sessions with each distribution channel and conducted extensive customer interviews. We then delivered a comprehensive marketing plan, complete with brand positioning, value propositions by channel, a new company tagline, and a refreshed logo identity. This became the foundation for Attends to re-launch into the market.

Group3 went on to support Attends with market research, channel strategies, creative concepts and campaign implementation. We even conducted nationwide focus groups to guide R&D in the innovation of an all-new product line.

This comprehensive marketing platform positioned Attends as a leading consumer brand in its space, enabling the sale of the company to Domtar. Attends has since become the flagship product of Domtar Personal Care, a global leader in absorbent hygiene products.